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Out For Delivery

Jun 27, 2018

Dodging deer, spraying dogs and solving problems with the boys! Thank you for your support and please tell a friend about our show. Support the show financially by using the amazon link on our website at

Jun 20, 2018

The studio laptop decided to do a software update about 30 minutes into the recording and the first take was lost to history. So here we are. The boys teach Wolf Kid proper toilet plunging technique. Cat piss lady has come back to life and is lucid as all fuck. People who get buried with their pets begs the...

Jun 13, 2018

Gambling with the boys! Please continue to support the show by using our amazon link at Everything we receive goes back into the show and we need you now more than ever! If you're interested in doing something more for the program, email the boys at And a special...